virtualbox host only adapter does not work properly with vagrant

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virtualbox host only adapter does not work properly with vagrant

Костя Хомко
Hello guys. 

I am trying to solve an issue with provisioning docker-machine on Vagrant using virtualbox provider about a month but still no luck.

The issue is docker-machine can not start (ssh issue, waiting for ip and so on) on Vagrant box Centos 7.3.

What i have tried to do:

1. Used nested virtualisation: Virtualbox for Vagrant and Virtualbox for docker-machine. BUT, as i have google that Virtualbox does not support nested virtualisation so this bind Host VirtualBox -> guest VirtualBox des not.

That is why i have tried to ise KVM as host hypervisor. But still no luck. Faced with the same issue. "Waiting for IP during call of SSH".

I even tried add vagrant user to sudoers with NOASKPASSWD parameter (in case if shh fails do to attempt of login), but still no luck and error still has a place.

Tried create docker-machine with "native-ssh" parameter. No luck.

Tried to turn of firewall on vagrant and host os, but in this case connectivity does not work at all. 

Tried to set selinux in permissive mode but it also does not help.

Tried to change virtualbox NIC from to VIRTIO type. But is has no affect. Error still has a plase.

Also tried to use for docker-machine creation generic driver instead of virtualbox but i am facing with the same issue.

So, i am little bit tired of this. Please help to find a root cause and fix it.


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