vagrant-omniubs 1.0.2 released

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vagrant-omniubs 1.0.2 released

Seth Chisamore

I just released vagrant-omnibus 1.0.2. 

Highlights from this release include:

* Bug fix that ensures plugin operates idempotently, which is to say 
  it only installs Chef Omnibus if that version isn't already installed). 
  This fixes [GH-2] for realz.
* Full support for the Rackspace provider (including an acceptance test).
* Parameterize the acceptance test Rake task, this allows you to run the
  acceptance tests against a single provider.
* Unit test coverage for the `VagrantPlugins::Omnibus::Config` class.

You can install the updated plugin by running:

  vagrant plugin install vagrant-omnibus

Full CHANGELOG is available here:

Seth Chisamore
Software Development Engineer, Opscode, Inc.
IRC, Twitter, GitHub: schisamo

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