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help with getting started with plugin development

Hey, First, let me say the documentation on the vagrant site for 1.1 is great.  Lots of good info and the aws project is good as well.

I'm trying to get started, but I'm finding it challenging to get things going.  I've run into a couple of problems with 1.1 development.

1st, my repo's are not on github, and i don't think i want to publish my gems into ruby gems central hub.   
       Is there a development workflow that allows me to install the plugin into an installed version of vagrant?  or is this strickly only going to be via ruby central?

2nd, im not sure if it's the version of rake im using or if it's something i'm missing, but i have no such thing as a rake package task.
        What makes it show up?  All i see are these task:

rake build    #
rake install  #
rake release  #

rake, version

3rd, im looking for a catalog of vagrant 1.1 plugins, so i don't re-invent the wheel.  Is that being planned or am I missing it?

4th, did the ability to superseed or inject middlewear into the vagrant up command go away?  I noticed the topic is missing from vagrant 1.1 docs.   

5th, Are there any simple examples that work and are easy to install and follow?

Thanks for all your work, and hope to get learning on how plugins work.  Apologies for any noob plugin questions.


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