Vagrant refuses to boot (even after reload) randomly

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Vagrant refuses to boot (even after reload) randomly

Daniel Hauenstein
I am having repeatedly issues with booting vagrant boxes, usually failing with the notorious "The VM failed to remain in the "running" state while attempting to boot" error message. This also happens after "reload"-ing the box. Sometimes it helps to try it over and over again, right now I am not able to boot a simple lucid32 box at all. I am using a MacBook with the recent vagrant 1.2.1 (well it was recent a few days ago :).
Full debug log can be seen here. Any suggestions why could be the problem here? 
What's strange is the fact that this does not happen all the time, but pretty randomly - at least that's how it appears to me.

Any ideas are more than welcome - I am using Vagrant many times a day, and this is really getting annoying.


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