Vagrant halt is stuck at Attempting graceful shutdown of VM

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Vagrant halt is stuck at Attempting graceful shutdown of VM

Suhaim Abdussamad

When I try Vagrant halt, it is stuck at Attempting graceful shutdown of VM. Why is this happening? The Vagrantfile says the following, removed the actual url. Is there a reason why the vagrant halt is getting stuck? I was playing around with the port forwards as I was getting an error when I tried to suspend the machine. do |config|
    # defaults for all VMs

    config.vm.define :servicemgmt do |servicemgmt_config|
        servicemgmt_config.vm.customize [
                      "modifyvm", :id,
                      "--memory", "6144",
                      "--cpus", "8"
        servicemgmt_config.vm.box_url = "REMOVED" = "servicemgmt"
        servicemgmt_config.vm.forward_port 80, 8080
        servicemgmt_config.vm.forward_port 22, 3333
        servicemgmt_config.vm.forward_port 22, 2203
        servicemgmt_config.vm.host_name = "servicemgmt" :bridged
    config.vm.define :db do |db_config|
        db_config.vm.box_url = "REMOVED" = "db"
        db_config.vm.forward_port 3306, 3307
        db_config.vm.host_name = "db" :bridged

    config.vm.define :watch do |watch_config|
        watch_config.vm.box_url = "REMOVED" = "watch"
        watch_config.vm.host_name = "watch" :bridged


Thanks for the help

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