Vagrant-ZFS automates cloning and sharing ZFS filesystems with VMs

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Vagrant-ZFS automates cloning and sharing ZFS filesystems with VMs

JD Harrington
Hi all,

I just released the first version of Vagrant-ZFS, a plugin I've been
working on this week.

Straight outta the README: Vagrant-ZFS is a plugin for Vagrant to
automate cloning and sharing ZFS filesystems from the host machine to
a guest VM. This is useful for things like bringing up multiple VMs to
test database clustering without requiring you to manually copy large
amounts of data into multiple locations on your host machine or
syncing data from host to VMs.

In addition to being a lightweight means of testing things like db
clustering, I also think this could be valuable as an approach to
"branching" local development databases along with code branches.

I've currently only tested this with Zevo on OS X 10.8.2, so I'm
definitely interested to hear from people using ZFS on other
platforms. Instructions for installing to use in a project as well as
playing around in a sandbox environment are provided in the README.

And I am totally looking forward to Vagrant 1.1 so I can re-write the
whole damn thing ;) But seriously, really looking forward to 1.1!


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