Vagrant File Sharing between Host and Guest

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Vagrant File Sharing between Host and Guest

Chris Wells
I am trying to use this Vagrant setup:

I have it installed, Magento is installed on it, the database is setup and the site runs perfectly. The problem now comes when I try to link the VM to my host system which in this case is Windows 7.

I have tried creating a share_folder to the place where Magento is provisioned and installed automatically (/srv/www/, but that doesn't work, neither does changing the location where Magento is installed (I tried to /vagrant/www) with both cases refusing to checkout the Magento files from SVN and put them in the defined place.

I have been doing some Googling and this seems to be an issue with Windows (sigh) and how it handles permissions.

I would like to use PHPStorm as my IDE to edit files, as it can also connect to the database (although that is something else I haven't managed to make work yet!)

Does anyone have any ideas about how to get access to the files on the guest machine in an IDE please share because I'm quickly running out of ideas.


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