Vagrant 1.2.3+ breaks :private_network for precise32/64

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Vagrant 1.2.3+ breaks :private_network for precise32/64

Andre Lackmann
I have a number of Vagrant boxes, using the (or 32) base boxes, all using the line: :private_network, ip: ""

This works fine with Vagrant 1.2.2. If I upgrade to 1.2.3 or above, during boot, they start throwing the following error:

[default] Configuring and enabling network interfaces...
Vagrant attempted to execute the capability 'configure_networks'
on the detect guest OS 'linux', but the guest doesn't
support that capability. This capability is required for your
configuration of Vagrant. Please either reconfigure Vagrant to
avoid this capability or fix the issue by creating the capability.

Am I supposed to have Virtualbox Guest Additions on that box? If it works on 4.2.2 but not above, is this a Vagrant fail? I imagine it has something to do with this issue in the 1.2.3 changelog
  • VirtualBox: Only configure networks if there are any to configure. This allows linux's that don't implement this capability to work with Vagrant. [GH-1796]

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