Specify the MAC Addresses in Multi-Node Setup on the Fusion Provider?

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Specify the MAC Addresses in Multi-Node Setup on the Fusion Provider?

Hello All,

I have a multi-node setup in Fusion, and I tried specifying the MAC address by adding lines similar to the following to each of my VM definitions

compute.vm.network :bridged, :mac => "000c29cad4a2"

My VM did not have the MAC that I specified.  After re-reading the Vagrant 1.1 docs, I saw that :bridged is no longer a valid keyword, and I changed the above line to

compute.vm.network :public_network, :mac => "000c29cad4a2"

My VM still did not have the correct MAC after reloading Vagrant.

I saw that it's possible to specify VMX file properties, including possibly the VM's MAC address, but the provided example seems to apply only to a single-node setup?  I tried adding the following line to my VM definition

compute.vm.vmx["ethernet0.generatedAddress"] = "00:0c:29:ca:d4:a2"

I also tried

compute.vmx["ethernet0.generatedAddress"] = "00:0c:29:ca:d4:a2"

but this didn't work either.

Here is my current VM Definition in the Vagrantfile:

  config.vm.define :compute do |compute|
    compute.vm.box = "precise64"
    compute.vm.hostname = "compute"

by the way, I'm trying to specify that MAC so that the Fusion DHCP server will assign the IPs I require to each VM.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide,

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