SSH to CentOS guest hanging when using Ubuntu 13.04 host

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SSH to CentOS guest hanging when using Ubuntu 13.04 host

Jean-Marc Meessen


I ran out of ideas to try to understand and fix my issue. Before starting voodoo, banging my head on the wall or driving circles around the building with a bicycle, I wanted to make a summary of my findings and ask the group for some ideas.

I have a customized CentOS Vagrant box that works perfectly on Mac and Fedora host systems but fail on PCs running Ubuntu 13.04: the SSH connection to the guest fails.

I am using Vagrant 1.2.2, VirtualBox 4.2.12 (from , Ubuntu 13.04 (64 bits) as a host and the box is a CentOS 6.3 (64 bits). Vagrant is configured for NATing (default)

Issue description:
The "vagrant up" command hangs when it start the box and tries to SSH connect to it for post processing. If I am patient enough, Vagrant exits and tells me that the SSH failed. I can see that the box is correctly started as enabled the VB GUI. If I open an other terminal window and try "
ssh localhost -vvv -p 2222 -l vagrant" I see that SSH can connect to port 2222 but waits infinitely for the ssh server to send its part. 

What I observed:

  • the same vagrant box works on Mac and Fedora, even with no network connected to the host (should the box startup have network dependencies). Conclusion: it is very unlikely that the issue is (only) with the box.
  • The same issue occurs on an other Ubuntu 13.04 host with the same VB and Vagrant version. Conclusion: the issue seems linked to the Ubuntu host. 
  • No notable box startup error. Only "kdump" failed. The VB or Vagrant log files don't talk to me: no errors or warning.
  • a vanilla CentOS 6-3 ( works: I can SSH to it, I can ping from the host to the guest and vice versa (what fails with my custom box). Conclusion: the VB/Vagrant config works on this host. No iptables configured on the host or the guest. It is the combination that fails.
  • "ifconfig" on the box looks OK and identical to the one that's working. SSHD configurations are basically equivalent.
  • "tcpdump" on the guest shows UDP traffic but no TCP nor SSH related traffic
  • doing a "sudo service network restart" on the guest has a 30s hi-cup when determining the IP address where on the working guest has no delay.

I think that the port forwarding is not working correctly on the Ubuntu configuration. 

Any ideas of what I could look to narrow down the issue ?


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