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Re: No color when using Vagrant provisioning in a Jenkins build

David Laing-2
You can remove this error message by making the following chgange to your basebox

# If last line is `mesg n`, replace with conditional.
if [ "`tail -1 /root/.profile`" = "mesg n" ]
echo 'Patching basebox to prevent future `stdin: is not a tty` errors...'
  sed -i '$d' /root/.profile
  cat << 'EOH' >> /root/.profile
if `tty -s`; then
mesg n

On Tuesday, 4 September 2012 14:33:33 UTC+1, Mathias Lafeldt wrote:
I think that message is printed by the login shell (bash).

I see it each time I run vagrant up or vagrant provision in the
terminal, but colors are working.

So I doubt it's the reason for your color issues.


On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Carl Youngblood
<<a href="javascript:" target="_blank" gdf-obfuscated-mailto="_P7OjXAOtqsJ">carl.yo...@...> wrote:

> I have a jenkins build that checks our vagrant provisioning to make sure
> it's working properly. At the beginning I see a message that says:
> stdin: is not a tty
> I believe this is preventing the provisioning from attempting to write out
> ansi color even though I have the Jenkins AnsiColor plugin installed. Does
> anyone know an easy way to force vagrant to output color?
> Thanks,
> Carl

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