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Re: Custom vagrantfile packaging not working

Not really though. The box will use the config from the packaged Vagrantfile, however the Vagrantfile that is in the directory not only doesn't have any of those settings, it's required for operation. So you have no control over the configuration now without having to dig down into the hidden vagrant dir. Not expected behavior. 

On Thursday, May 26, 2011 8:15:29 AM UTC-6, Jeff Sussna wrote:
Same here. Too bad I didn't try "vagrant up" before posting my
message. The right port forwards are getting pulled from mybox/include/
_Vagrantfile when I up the VM, so all appears to be well.

On May 26, 4:27 am, Eugene Bolshakov <[hidden email]>
> I can see my custom Vagrantfile
> in ~/.vagrant/boxes/my_box/include/_Vagrantfile after I add the packaged box
> though