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Re: Correct syntax for bridged networks

Guillaume Thouvenin

On Monday, October 22, 2012 3:31:55 PM UTC+2, Andy H wrote:
Also, any knowledge/info for running/configuring Vagrant with VDE?


I would like to connect two VMs via VDE-2 switch but I don't find how to do so I dig the post...

I tried to configure my VMs with vboxmanager directly:

 $ vboxmanage modifyvm puppetmaster_1359192548 --nic2 generic --nicgenericdrv2 VDE
 $ vboxmanage modifyvm puppetmaster_1359192548 --nicproperty2 network=/tmp/switch1

The problem is that then I start my VMs (vagrant up) it seems that the configuration is overwritten and I don't see the new interface. Is it possible to add the VDE configuration into the Vagrant file?

Thanks for your help,