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Port Forwarding Issues

Koji Intlekofer
I've been working to get a VM up and running, and have been following Kenneth Love's tutorial 'Getting Started with Django' (http://gettingstartedwithdjango.com). Supposedly the Vagrantfile that is used for this tutorial (and that I have downloaded) sets the VM port 8000 to host port 8888. However, when I run 'vagrant up' from my command line, it appears to miss this step. 

As you can see from the screen capture, this step is missing. It should be assigning this port immediately after setting 22 => 2222. However, my setup appears to skip this step. Checking the Vagrantfile shows all but one command to be commented out. 

I'm not sure the best way to proceed, but curious to know if anyone else has run into this problem? Any suggestions? 

I'm using a Windows 7 machine. 

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