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Last Chance to Speak at HashiConf

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Hey Vagrant users,

Just a reminder that the Call for Proposals for HashiConf 2017 closes in less than 5 days, and we want to hear about the interesting and innovative ways you are using Vagrant in your environment. Are you:

  • Using Vagrant to build production-like environments for developers
  • Building custom boxes and applications for testing or development
  • Working with Vagrant in a traditionally less technical role
  • Building workflows with Vagrant

If any of those ring a bell, we encourage you to submit today. And these are just a few ideas - please feel free to submit your own. In addition to the chance to share your story with peers and industry leaders, HashiConf will provide a free conference pass, airfare up to $500, and two nights of accommodation!

Submit your idea at, or learn more about HashiConf at If you have multiple ideas, submit them all. We hope to see you there!


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