H2 use "docker compose" with Vagrant on an Ubuntu native host

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H2 use "docker compose" with Vagrant on an Ubuntu native host



I have been using Vagrant + Docker on Windows PC for a while, with Virtualbox. Since few weeks I have turned my mind toward Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and started to migrate my Vagrant stuff on my new hardware.

Some of Vagrants were using docker-compose on my old PC. Now, on Ubuntu, I want to use Docker and Docker-compose directly, without Virtualbox.

I saw that there is two docker's provider config options that mentions "docker compose" (link) :

  • compose (boolean) - If true, Vagrant will use docker-compose to manage the lifecycle and configuration of containers. This defaults to false.

  • compose_configuration (Hash) - Configuration values used for populating the docker-compose.yml file. The value of this Hash is directly merged and written to the docker-compose.yml file allowing customization of non-services items like networks and volumes.

Maybe this options could be useful for my case ...

Maybe one of yours has experienced the same needs  as mine...and succeeded

Does somebody know how both options must be used in a Vagrantfile ?

Where should be stated the path to the docker-compose.yml file of my own project ?

For the "compose_configuration"  option  : what is a "HASH" and what is the syntax (...an example...) ?



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