Forcing shared folder to mount after provisioner

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Forcing shared folder to mount after provisioner

Adrià López
Hello, I have an installation that runs Puppet for deploying a development LAMP stack. The document root is a shared folder, and in order solver permissions issues, mounts with group ownership of 'apache':

config.vm.share_folder "web", "/web", "/path/to/some/dir", :owner=> 'vagrant', :group=>'vagrant', :extra => 'dmode=775,fmode=775'

This command fails on 'vagrant up', and after some looking around I concluded that it won't work because the group 'apache' doesn't exist. That means it's being mounted before Puppet installs Apache.

Is there any way of forcing Vagrant to mount some shares after the provisioner has done its job? 

It appears that the other simple solution, changing permissions after mount, won't work; you can't change share's permissions on the guest-side. Also, changing Apache's user would work, but it's not ideal.

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