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CFEngine provisioner files_path and upload_path

Nick Anderson
I thought I posted to the group, and I would have replied to it but maybe it's moderated, sorry if it creates a separate thread.

How are the files_path and upload_path supposed to work?

I set files_path to a directory relative to my Vagrantfile and without setting upload_path it seems to work, I find the files deposited in /tmp/cfengine-files which I see referenced here But the files do not get copied to /var/cfengine/masterfiles.

Setting upload_path doesn't seem to have any effect. And upload_path I think should default to

And as I was typing this I see that files_path is copied to /var/cfengine, so if I want to overwrite masterfiles I just need to have files_path contain the masterfiles directory. Sure enough when I looked at /var/cfengine I see the files from files_path.

So files_path is copied to the temporary directory /tmp/cfengine-files then those files are copied to /var/cfengine.

Thanks for being the rubber duck. Ill go ahead and send this in case anyone else is curious.

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