[ANN] vagrant-vmware-fusion/workstation 4.0.25

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[ANN] vagrant-vmware-fusion/workstation 4.0.25

Chris Roberts
Hi everyone,

I'm please to announce the 4.0.25 release of the VMware provider plugins: vagrant-vmware-fusion and vagrant-vmware-workstation. This is the last scheduled release within the 4.x line. A few notable updates which have been included in this release:

  • Full setup at installation time
  • Updated sudo helper for all platforms
  • Fixed port collision issue
  • Removed Administrator requirement when running on Windows
The last item is the biggest usability change within this update. In the past the VMware Workstation provider plugin for Windows required the user to run Vagrant as an Administrator. This release removes that requirement and Administrator privilege is only required during the installation of the plugin.

CHANGELOG: https://github.com/hashicorp/vagrant-plugin-changelog/blob/master/vagrant-vmware-changelog.md#4025

- Chris Roberts

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