[ANN] vagrant-sparseimage plugin: updated for Vagrant 1.2 Plugin API

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[ANN] vagrant-sparseimage plugin: updated for Vagrant 1.2 Plugin API

Daniel Bryan
We've pushed a substantial update to the vagrant-sparseimage plugin to support the new plugin API.


This plugin was written to get around issues with case-insensitive filesystems in OSX, but it's a useful helper in its own right for managing shares between the host and guests.

Patches and feedback are very welcome, particularly for support in different host environments - this plugin only works in OSX.

We've bucked the trend for Vagrant plugins a little:

* all the code is in a single file: the typical directory tree was seen to be overkill for <250 LOC
* we are only supporting the 1.2 plugin API, for the sake of simplicity

Overall, we think our plugin is substantially simple than any other example we could find for the 1.2 API, and we're excited to write more plugins now that we know how to do so with a small footprint.


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