[ANN] Vagrant VMware Fusion/Workstation Provider 0.8.4

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[ANN] Vagrant VMware Fusion/Workstation Provider 0.8.4

Mitchell Hashimoto
Hello all,

I just pushed version 0.8.4 of the VMware desktop providers out. This
includes a couple bug fixes as well as an important new feature.

Just run `vagrant plugin install vagrant-vmware-fusion` (or
workstation) to update the plugin.

The important new feature added is that the provider will now verify
that the HGFS kernel module is available and installed if it can and
show the user an error message if it not. Prior to this, there was
just a vague error message from VMware stating shared folders failed.

For plugin hackers: the verification is done using the
`verify_vmware_hgfs` guest capability. You can implement this for your
own operating systems as you see fit.


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