[ANN] Vagrant Cloud is Moving on June 27th

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[ANN] Vagrant Cloud is Moving on June 27th

Chris Roberts

We are excited to announce that HashiCorp Vagrant features will be extracted from Atlas on June 27th into its own product, HashiCorp Vagrant Cloud. 

Features include:

  • Vagrant Box Creation to publish public or private Vagrant boxes for others to consume
  • Vagrant Box Versioning to update boxes and communicate these changes to consumers
  • Vagrant Box Catalog to search and discover public Vagrant boxes

Going forward, Vagrant Cloud will be developed independently, which allows us to improve current functionality and eventually provide new services around Vagrant.

If you only use Vagrant to download and run public boxes, then nothing is changing. All box names, versions, and URLs will stay the same (or redirect) with no changes to your workflow or Vagrantfiles.

For Vagrant box publishers and users of private boxes, all Vagrant boxes, organizations, and user accounts will be copied to the new Vagrant Cloud. Please read the announcement blog post for more information about the changes. Detailed information about the migration is also available in the Vagrant Cloud documentation.


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