[ANN] Vagrant 1.2.5 Released

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[ANN] Vagrant 1.2.5 Released

Mitchell Hashimoto

Vagrant 1.2.5 has been released. You can upgrade, as usual, by
downloading the new package or installer for your operating system and
overwriting your previous installation:

There are no backwards incompatible changes but there are quite a few
nice features/improvements:

* VirtualBox "customize" customizations can now be run pre-import and
post-boot as well as pre-boot (the normal default). This allows you to
customize things that weren't previously customizable.

* VirtualBox no longer destroys unused hostonly networks by default.
This was buggy and allows Vagrant to work _much_ better on protected
Windows installs.

* Again, so many NFS bug fixes in addition to tons of bug fixes in general.

Full CHANGELOG here:


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